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With the aim of nurturing musical curiosity and new discoveries, we have created a “Parallel Space” on this website. On the one hand, there are reviews of our artists who invite us to rediscover Trad songs and melodies that you wouldn’t have heard on stage

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Coronavirus- Impacts

The impacts of the state of health emergency declared by the authorities are major for the cultural industry. In order to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, we are cancelling or postponing a series of shows by the groups Le Vent du Nord, De Temps

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Éric Beaudry, David Boulanger & Pierre-Luc Dupuis have been brilliantly and skillfully exploring and renewing the Quebec traditional repertoire since 2003. At first they had formed De Temps Antan only to perform a handful of shows annually, but now here they are touring the world all year long!

“…there is no better group to apply this magical tonic than the Quebecois  power trio known as De Temps Antan” University of Dayton Arts Series, USA

De Temps Antan provide a surprising – and surprisingly exploratory – experience, an explosion of fiddle, accordion, harmonica, guitar, and bouzouki. Their sets include ancient songs, new tunes, uncontrollable fits of laughter, dusted-down verses, and the occasional unplanned side trip. De Temps Antan is hands down the most powerful trad trio in Quebec. Their third album Ce monde ici-bas won the ADISQ’s 2014 FELIX Award for Best Traditional Music Album and they’ve been selected for an official showcase during Folk Alliance International Conference held in Montreal last February 2019

They’ve released their fourth opus fall 2017 and now touring north america and europe.



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« Un trad perméable aux influences extérieures, mais aux pieds bien plantés dans le sol d’une connaissance intime du genre. Jamais d’ailleurs la parenté entre le bluegrass et le trad québécois n’aura autant sauté aux oreilles. »
« The incredible French-Canadian folk super group De Temps Antan have captured the hearts of audiences across the globe with their stunning interpretations of time-honoured melodies from Quebec’s musical past. »
« World-class performers »
« They have enough power to drive a nuclear furnace »