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Our team & artists awarded at Gala des Prix Folquébec

Le Vent du Nord and manager Geneviève Nadeau won the International Development Award at the first edition of the Gala des Prix Folquébec. The evening also featured a splendid performance by the quartet Les Grands Hurleurs. Many thanks to the event’s organizers and to Gilles Garand.

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A promising new chapter for Les Grands Hurleurs with now four musicians on stage: Nicolas Pellerin (vocals, violin, feet, cajon), Simon Lepage (double bass), Olivier Rondeau (guitar) and Tommy Gauthier (violin, mandolin). The band release their 5th album ELLIPSE. This group has won the hearts of Quebec and international audiences with its modernized and accessible traditional music. This change will breathe new life into the group’s music, which is just as vibrant, but more refined. On guitar, Olivier brings a unique touch to the accompaniment as well as sophisticated and original arrangements. On violin and mandolin, Tommy’s talent enhances the moods, grooves and energy of the group.

The band wants to go back to the roots by daring to sound closer to acoustic instruments with careful and thoughtful arrangements while remaining organic. With the integration of folk, classical and bluegrass influences, the band will surprise and touch people once again with this enriched trad! Fiddles, mandolin, guitar, double bass, feet and rich vocal harmonies come together to explore a multitude of emotions.

The album Chouïa, released in 2018, was the occasion to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Les Grands Hurleurs. It was featured in La Presse’s 2018 TOP 10 KEB FRANCO.

Amazing live performers, they play many instruments, feel their on-stage energy, and get blown away by their sheer musical prowess. They truly please everyone, bonding with their audiences wherever they perform.

Since its inception in 2009, Les Grands Hurleurs have earned a solid reputation, accumulating a lot of experience in countless Quebec venues, international stages (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the USA) and on major events including recently: Canada Day in Victoria, & Canada Summer Games Winnipeg.

Since 2017 they’ve been in the official showcase selections at Chainon (2020, virtual, France), Folk Alliance International (2021, 2019, & 2018 (Kansas City, USA), APAP (2021, virtual), offWOMEX (2019, Finland)   Rideau  (Québec), FICG 2017 (Granby, Quebec), Contact East  2017 (Cape Breton) etc.

Les Grands Hurleurs have achieved the rare feat of bagging a Felix Award – Francophone Canada’s Juno equivalent – for three albums.

  • 2021: ELLIPSE, La Compagnie du Nord CIE010
  • 2018: Chouîa La Compagnie du Nord CIE003/Coyote records COYOTE031
  • 2015:  3/4 Fort  (Trad album of the year, ADISQ) Coyote RecordsCOYOTE008
  • 2011: Petit grain d’or (Trad album of the year, ADISQ) Disques Tempête. TEM24028
  • 2009: Nicolas Pellerin et Les Grands Hurleurs (Trad album of the year, ADISQ) Disques Tempête. TEM23838




“The strikingly original arrangements he creates with his trio Les Grands Hurleurs never compromise the essence of the old songs and tunes that he loves.”
– Tony Montague, Penguin Eggs magazine, June 2017
“A lot of delicacy and sensitivy, the research of original repertoire, mixture of groove and nice strings arrangement. The trio makes dive at the same time into the «reel-folk-music» and the “folk music-of-chamber”, blues, bluegrass, atmospheric lament and mélodies from Britanny.”
– Yves Bernard, Le Devoir – Top 5 Best World Music CD 2015
“Kudos to these talented musicians for exploring and expanding the notion of what the trad music of Quebec is all about.”
–Li Robbins, Songlines magazine
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