#Solo / QuebecFest with Le Vent du Nord & De Temps Antan



#Solo/QuebecFest is a spectacular and lively performance wich is mainly presenting original repertoire of songs and tunes arranged for eight highly talented singers and multi-instrumentalists.

With two of Quebec’s greatest traditional bands together on the same stage,  this is also truly a family reunion that proudly displays the strength and maturity of a new generation of Québec’s traditional music scene!

Why see SOLO?
SOLO is two world-renowned bands that have been offering a festive and exciting folk/trad show in Canada and abroad since 2016. This show has been performed in Quebec ( 40 venues and festivals), at the Royal Glasgow Concert Hall in Scotland, and majors festival at the United States,  in France and Switzerland.

8 concerts are scheduled in Quebec in December 2019, then the supergroup will finish its tour at the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York!

Discover “Our SOLO album”

This long-awaited album, which was released in November 2018, has been awarded Album of the year – Traditional at ADISQ 2019 and been hailed by critics and fans around the world. Collecting 4 stars in La Presse, journalist Alain Brunet praised the groups: “… Le Vent du Nord is the leading group in trad keb franco. We also know that the trio De Temps Antan does not give its place.” This opus brings together the pieces performed on stage by the collective Le Vent du Nord and De Temps Antan. This repertoire invites you to celebrate and makes you smile. The power of the 8 voices and various instruments give this album a unique colour. The festive and playful side of De Temps Antan blends well with the depth and harmonies of Le Vent du Nord.


  • Éric Beaudry  –  vocals, bouzouki, guitar
  • Simon Beaudry – vocals, bouzouki, guitar
  • Nicolas Boulerice – vocals, hurdy-gurdy, piano
  • André Brunet – fiddle, foot tapping, vocals
  • Réjean Brunet – basses, button accordion, jaw harp, piano, vocals
  • Olivier Demers – fiddle, foot tapping, vocals, guitar, mandolin
  • Pierre-Luc Dupuis – button accordion, harmonica, jaw harp, vocals
  • David Boulanger – fiddle, vocals

“A DREAM BOOKING for a festival director”.
– Terry Wickham, Edmonton Folk Festival Producer

“ Finesse, energy & happy tunes propel Quebec’s unique new traditional supergroup” – PENGUIN EGGS

 This was delivered at the kind of skelp that was clearly designed to grab you by the scruff of the neck and hurl you round a Quebec kitchen” 4 STARS – JIM GILCHRIST  – THE SCOTSMAN

“The best of traditional music.”


Les membres du collectif nous parlent de NOTRE ALBUM SOLO

L’enregistrement de l’album

Le spectacle en tournée

D’histoires derrière les chansons

Les duos de frères


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