#Solo / QuebecFest with Le Vent du Nord & De Temps Antan



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“A DREAM BOOKING for a festival director”.
– Terry Wickham, Edmonton Folk Festival Producer

#Solo/QuebecFest is a spectacular and lively performance wich is mainly presenting original repertoire of songs and tunes arranged for eight highly talented singers and multi-instrumentalists.

With two of Quebec’s greatest traditional bands together on the same stage,  this is also truly a family reunion that proudly displays the strength and maturity of the younger generation of Québec’s traditional music scene!

  • Éric Beaudry  –  vocals, bouzouki, guitar
  • Simon Beaudry – vocals, bouzouki, guitar
  • Nicolas Boulerice – vocals, hurdy-gurdy, piano
  • André Brunet – fiddle, foot tapping, vocals
  • Réjean Brunet – basses, button accordion, jaw harp, piano, vocals
  • Olivier Demers – fiddle, foot tapping, vocals, guitar, mandolin
  • Pierre-Luc Dupuis – button accordion, harmonica, jaw harp, vocals
  • David Boulanger – fiddle, vocals

“ Finesse, energy & happy tunes propel Quebec’s unique new traditional supergroup” – PENGUIN EGGS

 This was delivered at the kind of skelp that was clearly designed to grab you by the scruff of the neck and hurl you round a Quebec kitchen” 4 STARS – JIM GILCHRIST  – THE SCOTSMAN

“The best of traditional music.”