La Compagnie du Nord manages the careers of professional folk/traditional/world music artists. Our team represents our artists to presenters, audiences, and the artistic community. The advice and services we provide are various and allow them to further their projects and increase their presence.


La Compagnie du Nord markets its artists’ concerts and albums in several countries. The fame of our roster throughout the world has allowed us to build strong partnerships with promoters and audiences here and abroad. The company can count on a large network of contacts and a level of credibility that helps us secure significant outcomes for our artists.

Music Production

La Compagnie du Nord holds expertise in coordinating the production of various tools to highlight the work of its artists.

We focus on concert production — on bringing people together to create —, album productiondigital music production, and the production of pictures, graphics and other promotional supports including websites. The company can count on the strength of a vast network of professionals to fulfill the requirements of each project. And our team deeply respects the creative process of each band in order for them to retain their unique features and their willingness to constantly challenge themselves.

Recording & Webcasting

Still a leader in its field, La Compagnie du Nord has, since the spring of 2020, developed new expertise by working in a collaborative mode with broadcasters and integrated ticketing platforms from here and elsewhere.

The company offers its artistic, educational and corporate clientele, as well as the presenters in its network, several new services that make it possible to disseminate and make original content accessible.

Video recording of a show / event

Live recording and webcasting of a show / event

Live recording and broadcasting of a performance / event to a venue

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