Les Grands Hurleurs: the trio becomes a quartet

A promising new chapter for Les Grands Hurleurs with now four musicians on stage: Nicolas Pellerin (vocals, violin, feet, cajon), Simon Lepage (double bass), Olivier Rondeau (guitar) and Tommy Gauthier (violin, mandolin). The quartet will release their 5th album Ellipse in the fall of 2021. This change will bring a new breath to the music of the group which wants to be as bursting, but more purified. On guitar, Olivier brings a unique touch to the accompaniment as well as sophisticated and original arrangements. On violin and mandolin, Tommy’s talent enhances the moods, grooves and energy of the group. The band wants to go back to the roots by daring to sound closer to acoustic instruments with careful and thoughtful arrangements while remaining organic. With the integration of folk, classical and bluegrass influences, the band will surprise and touch people once again with this enriched trad!



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