Slaight Music Award for Geneviève Nadeau at Canadian Folk Music Awards 22

Producer/manager Geneviève Nadeau was honoured with the Slaight Music Award for Shadow Worker of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards/Prix de musique folk canadienne ceremony held in Charlottetown on April 1st. Geneviève’s spouse Nicolas Boulerice delivered a wonderful tribute. Geneviève’s involvement is huge, her dedication limitless, and her contribution invaluable. Our most sincere congratulations to this fantastic woman who is helping traditional Quebec music to shine here and abroad like never before!

Artists Nicolas Boulerice and Frédéric Samson also performed an excerpt from their concert Confinés aux voyages at the ceremony. In addition, the group Grosse Isle performed a showcase during the Virages Trad event.


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